During the Covid outbreak and downtime, with all the other problems in this country and around the world, D.F. Chambers quickly realized the stress adults were facing on a daily basis was reflecting directly on their youngest family members just as much.

He had earned the B.S.A. Eagle Scout and God and Country awards during his youth and saw just how far many of our world’s leaders had drifted from the character traits imprinted on him during those formative years. He has created a wonderful children’s story primarily for ages three to eight, plus their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other relatives and all their friends!

The two parallel stories in “The MAGICAL FANTASTICAL DAY That CHANGED The WORLD!!!”
are built on the principles of being brave enough to do the right thing every day, and in treating all people honestly, fairly and with respect. Readers also get to visit twenty-one different countries from around the world through beautifully illustrated photographs.